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About us

The mk | hotels

When we planned our first mk | hotel in Munich in 2009, our initial intention was to provide high-quality accommodation for employees of our parent company Lindner Group, which is an internationally active construction company, and at the same time avoid vacancies in our premises whenever our employees are not in town. The name of our hotels goes back to the roots of this business division: Mariakirchen. In 2003, we started our in-house brewery and beergarden, the Schlossbräu Mariakirchen, in this idyllic village. In 2007, the Schlossparkhotel Mariakirchen was established. Both our brewery and hotel lie next to a moated castle.

The concept of the mk | hotels turned out to be a success. In the following years, we opened branches in Frankfurt, Eschborn, Berlin, Stuttgart, Remscheid and a second mk | hotel in Munich. Some of the hotels maintained the connection to Lindner Group branch offices, some started independently. Planning for another hotel has already begun. All of our hotels are led by great people. They are passionate hosts who love their home region and offer honest, straightforward service.

With mk | apartments in the Croatian town of Nin we have complemented our range of services with holidays homes in one of Europe's most stunning getaway regions. We stay true to our motto to make perfect locations available at attractive conditions.

Depending on the location of our individual accommodations, we have opted for a two, three or four star classification. Please give us your feedback after your stay, so that we may develop ourselves and get even better at what we´re doing.