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He who seeks wine, women and chant should pay Hessen a visit, especially Eschborn. Out of the three, Eschborn emphasizes the wine. The whole area at the river Rhein is known as a wine-growing district, and offers a variety of great wines. After a couple of glasses you will learn how the above-mentioned chanting comes into play. Women, however, will not come quite as easy and need to be found by oneself there, too.

  • Museum and City Archives

    Museum and City Archives

    Eschenplatz 1

    In the course of a redevelopment endeavour of the Eschborn town centre, a new building complex was constructed. Today it houses a museum as well as the city’s archives. Visitors of the museum are offered exhibitions such as ‘the Battle of Eschborn’ (1389), ‘the burial ground of Alemania’ (featuring numerous precious burial gifts, 4. / 5. AD.) or the collection of the painter Hanny Franke (1890 - 1973). There is also a section where current artists of Eschborn may exhibit their pieces.

  • City Hall

    City Hall

    Rathausplatz 36

    The cultural centre of Eschborn is undoubtedly the City Hall. The collective of four concert halls hosts a variety of entertaining events, including operas, theatres, concerts and much more. If you feel like laughing or need some cheering up, try the cabaret! Numerous regional and national comedians stop at the Eschborn City Hall to perform their show. You can even stand in the spotlight yourself; simply attend the ‘Poetry Slam’ that takes place once a year at City Hall.

  • Meadow Bath

    Meadow Bath

    Hauptstrasse 258-260

    For more than forty years, the Meadow Bath (Wiesenbad) has been drawing in the old and young. It is open throughout the whole year, featuring an outdoor pool for the summer and an indoor pool with saunas for the winter months. The swimming bath has attracted more and more guests in recent years since it is very family friendly and one of the most modern baths in the Main-Taunus-Area.

  • Best Worscht in Town

    Best Worscht in Town

    Mergenthalerallee 2

    At the BWiT branch in Eschborn, sausage lovers have the chance to not just taste a Currywurst but also to test their pain barrier. The sausage restaurant offers spicyness levels up to 1.2 Mio. Scoville (in comparison: Tabasco 2,500 Scoville)