München Max-Weber-Platz - Munich

Our city

Why would you look forward to living in heaven, when you could live in Munich? This is the attitude towards life that is described in the satire ‘Der Münchner im Himmel’ and the attitude of many people living in Munich today. Like the angel Aloisius in the satire, most people would rather life in that city than going to ‘paradise’. Munich is a unique city with a flair of vitality and cosiness. This is why Munich is often described as ‘Italy’s most northern city’.

  • Chinese Tower

    Chinese Tower

    English Garden 3

    The ‘Chinese Tower’ is a 25 metre high wooden structure modelled after the ‘Great Pagoda’ in London. It was opened to the public in 1792 and is the English Garden’s main landmark today. The tower is surrounded by restaurants and beer gardens, which is why it is called ‘the heart of the English Garden’. Since the 70’s the tower has been closed to the public. Today, only traditional marching bands are allowed to play their music there. The tower was destroyed during World War II but rebuilt in 1951.

  • Eisbachwelle


    Eisbach, English Garden

    For those of you who do not know: Munich has a lots to offer when it comes to sport. If you are proficient at surfing, you can try to surf the world-famous ‘Eisbachwelle’. On most days, you will find a crowd standing on the small bridge next to the House of Arts at the bank of the Eisbach. Surfing enthusiasts from all over the world gather at the ‘standing wave’ to show their skills all year long. However, only truly skilled surfers should ride the wave since there are dangerous currents and stones in the creek.

  • Pacha


    Maximiliansplatz 5

    The Pacha Club is a branch of the legendary Pacha Clubs of Ibiza. It is located in the heart of Munich and opens its doors from Thursdays to Saturdays until 6 am. The dress code favours elegant clothing. You will understand why as you walk the rooms decorated with wood, brass, bronze and leather. International DJs and six bars ensure the entertainment of the guests on the dance floor. On hot summer days, the terrace lounge of the Pacha is a popular spot to enjoy a ‘Sundowner’.

  • Haidhauser Augustiner

    Haidhauser Augustiner

    Wörthstrasse 34

    The restaurant Haidhauser Augustiner is located in the former working-class district Haidhausen and is open every day from 10 am to 1 am. The restaurant preserves the Bavarian tradition with freshly made specialties, Bavarian hospitality and a rustic beer hall. The Haidhauser Augustiner is a chance for visitors to experience the Bavarian way of life. It starts in the morning with a traditional breakfast and ends with playing ‘Schafkopf’ (traditional Bavarian card game) in the evening. Guests can relax on long old tables and have a good time with a freshly tapped pint of world famous Augustiner beer.