Nin - Nin

Beach and so much more

  • Surfmania Surf & Fly Center

    Put Zdrijaca

    The lagoon with its shallow and calm waters, combined with very good wind conditions, is ideal for wind and kite surfing. Beginners and advanced learners can securely push themselves to the limit at these beaches. The Surfmania Surf & Fly Center offers professional training courses according to international standards and a shop where you can rent or buy your equipment. The center also provides kayaks for group trips to the islands nearby.

  • The Nin Museum of Salt

    Ilirska cesta 7

    The Saline in Nin goes back to the Roman era. The famous saltworks continue to produce eco-certified salt products in traditional procedures: from conventional sea salt to exceptional salt specialties, such as the Nin salt flower and various specific salts for therapies. The museum hence not only displays historical exhibits but also offers the high-quality products at its souvenir shop. Also you can watch the production of salt at close range while taking a walk through the salt fields to enjoy the extraordinary flora and fauna of the lagoon.

  • Gold and Silver Church Treasury of Nin

    Trg sv. Anselma i Marcele 1

    The history of Nin goes back to the 9th century BC and the ruins of the largest Roman temple of the eastern Adriatic region testify to the particular importance of Nin in ancient times. Also in the national history of Croatia, Nin has a very special place: from the 7th century on, kings were crowned here and the town was temporarily the Croatian bishop's seat. This rich cultural heritage can be explored in the Gold and Silver Church Treasury of Nin. In addition to a valuable collection of church art, the museum also houses a Judas silver coin and the ring of Pope Pius II from the 15th century.

  • Ninska Laguna Beach

    Kraljičina plaža

    Kraljičina plaža, in English "Beach of the Queen", is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. According to the legend, the wife of the first Croatian King Tomislav loved to visit this particular beach. The 3 km long stretch of sandy beach is also famous for the adjacent therapeutic mud bathing area and the impressive flora and fauna, which is highly appreciated by all nature lovers. Naturally, a visit to the lagoon’s shallow beaches and warm waters is a favourite among families with children. Several beach bars, volleyball courts and showers complement the getaway spot.

  • Waterfalls of the river Krka

    Krka National Park

    Krka National Park with an area exceeding 100 sq km and a unique variety of vegetation is the home to more than 850 partly rare or even endangered species as well as an outstanding example of untouched natural landscape. Among the attractions of the park are the waterfalls of the river Krka. Over a total of 46 meters in height, 17 steps, dozens of smaller and seven large waterfalls are lined up along the entire length of the park. Inside and around the National Park, there are many beautiful hiking, cycling and educational trails. They take you past fjord-like canyons, vast shimmering green waters, swimming beaches and lakes.