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When people today hear the word ‘physicist’, the first thing they think of is probably ‘Big Bang Theory’ and its main characters Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Rajesh. A pioneer in physics people tend to forget was Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. He is a Nobel Prize winner who was born in Remscheid and invented the X-ray. Being a romantic physicist, he convinced his wife to be the first test subject of this new method. As he X-rayed her hand, her bones became visible for the first time.

  • German Röntgen Museum

    German Röntgen Museum

    Schwelmer Strasse 41

    Remscheid-Lennep is a former textile manufacturing city that also has the nickname ‘Röntgentown’. The reason is simple. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was born in 1845 (1845 - 1923) into a family of textile manufacturers in the small clothmaking town of Lennep where he also spent his early years, even though he showed no interest in his forefathers’ profession. While working at the University of Würzburg in 1895, he discovered rays of radiation that are now commonly known as X-rays. Röntgen’s discovery revolutionized medical diagnostics and paved the way for many high-tech applications.

  • The German Tool Museum

    The German Tool Museum

    Cleffstrasse 2 - 6

    From a hand axe to high-tech machines of the digital age, the German Tool Museum is unique in Germany and features an extensive collection of tools from the Stone Age to the 21st century. Its location in Remscheid is no coincidence: Remscheid has been an important centre for tool manufacturing for multiple centuries, and the region is still home to many craftsmen and inventors. Numerous products started their conquest of the world from Remscheid, which became famous in return. Craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts will certainly have a great time in the museum, yet it is generally interesting for everyone.

  • Bridge Park Müngsten

    Bridge Park Müngsten

    Müngstener Brückenweg 71

    The Bridge Park was set up right underneath the bridge of Müngsten. It was opened in 2006 in the shadow of Germany’s highest railroad bridge. Visitors of this park, which is situated in an alluvial forest, can ride a hand-operated transporter bridge from one side of the river to the other. Besides the transporter bridge, there is also a theme park where guests can solve puzzles.

  • ErlebBar


    Hindenburgstrasse 8

    The ‘ErlebBar’ is located in Hindenburgstraße, right in downtown Remscheid. In a modern and relaxed atmosphere, visitors can enjoy regional drinks and Bergisch specialties or purchase them as souvenirs. The cozy ‘living room’ with a chimney is a popular meeting place among locals for a beer after work. During the day, the bar offers lunch and rooms for business meetings. There is also a large function room called the ‘Knöterkiste’ which can be booked for events.