We love Rüsselsheim, because...

We love Rüsselsheim because our city is not only convincing by its location in the heart of one of the most important economic areas. Rüsselsheim is known by Opel beyond the borders of Germany and scores with a big recreational factor. The fortress, the award-winning town and industrial museum and the large Verna-Park are just a few examples. Art and culture enthusiasts will love the art center Opel villas, the theater, the Jazz Factory or the Rind. Did you know that the Riesling has its origins in Rüsselsheim and not in the Rheingau? Worldwide the Riesling was first documented in our city Ruesselsheim on 13th of March 1435th Finally Rüsselsheim is located on Main and offers beautiful bike paths along the river Main.

Our mk | hotels are closed over christmas and new year as follows

  • mk | hotel stuttgart 28.12.18 until finally 05.01.19
  • mk | hotel rüsselsheim 22.12.18 until finally 30.12.18
  • mk | hotel berlin 21.12.18 until finally 26.12.18
  • mk | hotel frankfurt 22.12.18 until finally 05.01.19
  • mk | hotel remscheid 24.12.18 until finally 01.01.19
  • mk | hotel eschborn 21.12.18 until finally 05.01.19
  • mk | hotel münchen max-weber-platz 22.12.18 until finally 06.01.19
  • mk | hotel münchen city 20.12.18 until finally 28.12.18
  • mk | hotel london 22.12.18 until finally 05.01.19
  • Schlossparkhotel Mariakirchen 21.12.18 until finally 06.01.19

Our reservation center is not occupied until 07.01.19
All emails will be answered from 27th till 29th of december and from 2nd till 05th of January only.
If you like to make a reservation please visit the hotels on our website.

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

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