Rüsselsheim - Hotel - Fitness

The ultimate fitness experience

Common workouts won´t be found in our hotel.  Experience fitness 3.0 in the mk | hotel rüsselsheim. No rowing machine, no ergometer, no multi-functional tower. Train your strength and speed and improve your flexibility in our PRAMATM fitness area. The PRAMA training concept combines music, illumination, timing and fun in an interactive, motivative and versatile workout session. Thanks to the functional pressure-sensitive PRAVIGYM floor and wall coverings, including interactive LED illumination, screens and heart rate measurements, you will experience a playful training system that also provides help and feedback. 

Push the button, start to play!

Training that excites! Regardless of your current level of fitness or your age, you will improve your endurance and mobility and strengthen your muscles in a functional training and movement routine. Choose from over 500 workouts. The PRAMA Software assists you with the chosen exercises, provides feedback and measures your level of fitness. The PRAMA Cloud documents your training sessions and you can challenge other PRAMA Users. 


CALISTHENIC is the art of using own bodyweight and the qualities of inertia to further develop the body. 

GAMIFICATION describes the use of playful thinking and game mechanics in an game-unrelated context, with the aim of supporting the users in the active solving of problems. 

In Sanskrit (the traditional indoaryan language), PRAMA means “foundation”, “basis”, “right point of view”, “true knowledge” and, as a verb, it stands for “forming”, “creation”, “preparation”, “understanding” and “knowing”