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The hotel with history

In 1130,
the nobility of St. Mariaekirchen was already documented.

In 1453,
Alban the Closner bought the Hofmark Mariakirchen.

In 1550,
the married couple Georg von Closen and Barbara von Nothaft built the moated castle in its present form. The renaissance door which is made out of stone and located in the inner courtyard shows the couple’s emblem of marriage. Today, the castle offers diverse possibilities for conferences, cultural events as well as other festivities.

In 1678,
the Baron of von Pfötten acquired the castle. It was owned by the family of Pfötten until 1810.

About 1700,
the baroque fountain in the inner courtyard of the castle was built as well as the chapel with its wonderful ceiling painting. It shows the holy Mother of God of Loretto as well as the formerly known four continents and the four elements (fire, air, water, earth).

In 1752,
the Baron of Pfetten built the brewery house that belongs to the castle. The beer was typically brewed for their own use.

In 1785/1786,
the manorial stall building with its Bohemian vault was built. It was used for agricultural purposes by the end of World War II. Although the building was under monumental protection, it was released for demolition due to its desolate conditions in 2000. Nevertheless, we decided to maintain this beautiful vault. 

From 1810 until 1854,
it had four different owners.

In 1848,
the Counts of Deym coming from Arnstorf bought the castle Mariakirchen. They called it their own by 2002.

In 2002,
the company Lindner purchased the castle, the neighbouring building and the park. The Schlossbräu, a house brewery with  pub and beer garden was created in the old stalls. The beer types light, dark and weiss beer as well as the low-alcohol Scheps are all locally brewed in the brewery. They have a natural finish and are unfiltered. The beer tastes even much better with a typical Bavarian snack.

In 2007,
the Schlossparkhotel opened its doors. The new building with its green glass façade dives deep into the Schlosspark and creates an exciting contrast to the historic ambience of the moated castle. All 35 rooms share a modern style and a clear geometrical design. The four-star Schlossparkhotel closes the circle: meeting, celebrating and sleeping at the Castle Mariakirchen.

In 2009,
the first mk|hotel was opened in Munich by the Schlossbräu Mariakirchen GmbH. Within the following years, eigth further hotels were developed.

In 2016,
the Schlossparkhotel has been expanded by the neighbouring Hofwirt. 14 rooms, a bowling alley and a theatre hall supplement the offer at Castle Mariakirchen.