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Schlosspark Hotel Mariakirchen Logo
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Employees are trained in hygiene rules
The seriousness of the situation and the protective measures taken for employees and guests are communicated quite openly. They will only be implemented correctly if the employees accept them
Where possible, permanent teams are in different shifts
so that the entire company does not have to be shut down if a person becomes infected. Employees are made aware that they should report immediately at the first signs of infection and, if necessary, stay at home
Meetings teamwork at a distance of 1.5 meters. A mask is worn where not possible. Raising employees' awareness of the need to keep their distance during breaks and in the smoking area. Sufficient protective equipment such as mouth and nose protection, gloves and sufficient washing facilities with liquid soap and disinfectant are provided.
Measures and rules of conduct are set out in writing.

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Of course, we are well prepared so that your trip is safe and as relaxed as possible despite the ongoing pandemic. Please find attached our detailed hygiene concept. Read it through carefully and you will be sure that you and your health are in good hands at the mk | hotel berlin.

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Masks are required in the hotel area. Wearing medical masks is mandatory for employees. Guests must wear an FFP 2 mask in the building. Except at the table during breakfast and restaurant area as well as in your living unit. Mouth and nose covering is not required on the extensive outdoor area of the mk | hotel berlin, provided that the minimum distance of 1.50 meters is respected.


A disinfectant dispenser is available at reception.

Entrance doors to the reception area and the glass corridor remain open during peak times and when the weather is good. Behavioral instructions are clearly visible for guests in the entrance area. Contact between hotel staff and guests, as well as haptic contact with consumer goods, are limited to what is necessary. Guest registration pens are disinfected after each guest.

People who have had contact with COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days and people with non-specific general symptoms and respiratory symptoms of any severity may not be accommodated. The guests will be informed in advance by a notice. If guests develop symptoms during their stay, they must isolate themselves immediately and are no longer allowed to enter common areas. They have to end their stay as soon as possible.


Showers/changing rooms can only be used by one person or persons from one residential unit.
All surfaces, door handles and the devices in the wellness and fitness area are disinfected daily.
Disinfectant spray with disposable towels is available to guests for their own disinfection of fitness equipment/loungers, etc.
The use of the fitness room and the wellness area is limited to three people/unit.
The ventilation in the fitness area runs continuously.
Sufficient washing facilities, liquid soap, disposable towels and hand disinfectants are provided.


Hotel rooms are cleaned whenever possible in the absence of guests.
In addition to the usual cleaning activities, the surfaces, in particular door handles, light switches, telephones and remote controls, are disinfected. The rooms are daily aired for cleaning for at least 30 minutes.
Guests have the option of booking a room that has not been occupied for 48 hours for an additional charge.
All bed linen and towels as well as cleaning cloths are professionally cleaned at a high temperature.
Cleaning cloths are exchanged after each room.


Applies only to all travelers

Guests traveling on tour are obliged to provide one of the following proofs upon arrival:
- Vaccination (second vaccination completed at least 14 days)
- Recovery (positive PCR test dated between 28 days and 6 months before arrival)
- Test (PCR test valid for 48 hours, rapid test valid for 24 hours, self-test carried out under supervision on site - this can be obtained from reception if required for €5). In the third case, "tested", the test must be repeated every 48 hours


- There is an access to the restaurant where the contact details are recorded/checked and - if necessary - the test/vaccination/recovery proof is provided.
- Information on contact restrictions and compulsory tests depending on the incidence can be found on the graphic "Outdoor Gastronomy"
- An FFP2 mask must be worn on the walkways, it can be removed at the table.
- Drinks are ordered from the tavern, food from the snack stand. There, as well as on the walkways, a distance of 1.5 meters must always be maintained.

Body contact is avoided. Communication takes place at a distance of at least 1.5 meters. There is active communication with the guest via the newsletter, the homepage and the company social media channels, and information about the measures taken is transparent.

Personal contact between the staff and the guest


Guests do not have to wear a face mask at the table. A face mask must be worn on walkways.
The meals are offered at the self-service buffet. Wherever possible, meals are individually packaged/offered in locked containers. A spit guard is available for record service.
Two containers for fresh and used serving cutlery are available.
The guests are informed about the rules at the buffet by a notice
A disinfection stand is available at the buffet.

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