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‘I have need of Thee! From the spirits that I called Sir, deliver me!’. Many people know this quote from school where students have to recite the poem ‘the Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as homework. The poem is still a favourite of most German teachers and up until today, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is the most famous celebrity born in Frankfurt. Numerous public places are named after him and he is still one of the main reasons for which Germany is called the ‘land of poets and thinkers’.

  • Römer


    Römerberg 27

    The ‘Römer’ of Frankfurt is located in the historic city centre at the Roman Hill and is one of the city’s most important landmarks. Since 1405, the Römer has been the city hall of Frankfurt. After heavy destruction in World War II, the Römer was reconstructed. Today only the Römer Hall and the Schwanen Hall remain as medieval testimonials. The Römer is mostly a tourist attraction and landmark, however, some still call the building their workplace: the balcony built in 1900 was regularly used as a public stage for the German Football World Champions up until 2006.

  • The Old Opera

    The Old Opera

    Opernplatz 1

    The Old Opera at Opernplatz is a jewel of Frankfurt, both inside and outside. Established in 1880, the building´s halls are used for more than 400 events every year, including concerts of classic and modern music, congresses and many more. The Old Opera was partly destroyed by bombs toward the end of World War II. After four decades of reconstruction, the opera was opened again as a modern concert hall in 1981. Guided tours tell the history of this amazing building from a whole different perspective compared to that of a guest attending a concert.

  • The Fox and Hound

    The Fox and Hound

    Niedenau 2

    If a ‘very British’ atmosphere is what you seek, you will have a great time in the Fox and Hound. This classic English pub features authentic furniture and a desirable menu. Pub connoisseurs will surely find everything they are looking for. Lamb, fish & chips and many other typical dishes are available. If you prefer liquids, you´ll also find a large variety of these in the Fox and Hound. Well then, pay the Fox and Hound a visit and enjoy the British atmosphere!

  • Frankfurter Botschaft

    Frankfurter Botschaft

    Westhafenplatz 6 - 8

    The restaurant ‘Frankfurter Botschaft’ is known for fine dining at the Westhafen, which overlooks the Main River and the busy harbor of Frankfurt. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 11.30 am to midnight and Saturday from 6 pm to midnight. The rotunda of the restaurant offers a clear, appealingly, yet minimalist interior design and an amazing view. Whenever the weather favors it, BBQ, snacks, ice cream and cold drinks are served at the beach outside the restaurant, offering space for 250 guests.