München City
München City

We love Munich, because ...

... to no other city in the world, the term 'village of millions' fits better. A village has plenty to exhibit: the best football club, the largest ski area as , the greenest lawn in the English garden and for a car village, it has an amazing amount of bike paths. Munich is much more than a city, Munich 'is a Gfui' and we grew up with the 'Weißblaue Gschichten', which still have cult status today. Whether the tricks of Pumuckl, the cases of the police station 1 or the charming Sayings of Monaco Franze.

Our village has not only the best beers, but also the coziest taverns and 'weil ma auf da Bierbank nebarananda sitzt obwoi ma sie ned kennt, aber dann doch glei kennt'. Our Munich combines culture, tradition and modernity, impressed in every Season impressed by its festivals, the tool Wood, the Oktoberfest and the numerous Christmas markets. No matter where you are in the world, 'Mia san Mia'.

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