Schlossparkhotel Mariakirchen - Awards

Schlossparkhotel Mariakirchen - Awards

Sightsleeping Since 2007

The exclusive brand Sightsleeping® - a concept offering artistically and culturally diversified hotel guests a unique sleeping accommodation. The Sightsleeping® hotels are unusual accommodations in Bavaria, such as aristocratic castle complexes, alpine hotels, in a winery or monastery. Becoming a Sightsleeping® partner is judged by art masters, designers, journalists and tourism experts. At the moment, there are 40 Bavarian locations offering to start the sightseeing directly in the hotel for culture and art lovers.

Back in 2007, before we even openend, the newly launched brand approached us with the idea of an application. We are very excited about being one of the first hotels to fulfil the requirements over the years.

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World Luxury Hotel Awards 2020

The World Luxury Hotel Awards are a recognized global organisation, appreciating luxury hotels for their first-class interiors and excellent guest service. In 2022, we were awarded in the category Castle Hotels.

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LTG Service Exellence Award 2017

The Luxury Travel Awards value highly outstanding benefits in all areas of the sophisticated tourism industry.

We are a worthy representative in the category Service Excellence in 2017.

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Muse Hotel Awards 2020

The MUSE Hotel Awards honours luxury hotels for their first-class interiors and guest service combining prestige and beautiful elegance. In 2020, we were awarded in the category “World Class Castle Hotel”.

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German Hotel Classification

The German Hotel Classification with five recognized categories offers a trustworthy decision guidance when choosing a hotel. Thanks to this the guests have a transparent overview of benefits and offerings. Since the opening, we were rated with Four Stars, i.e. our hotel is classified as “First Class”.

Every three years a commission is checking the criterias and the hotel’s overall picture.