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Schlosspark Hotel Mariakirchen Logo
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Environmental Concept

As the environment and nature are of paramount importance to us, we at mk | hotels are fully committed to sustainability and environmental protection. This responsibility extends to both nature and our children, who also have a deep love for the environment. Our goal is to ensure that they can live in a sustainable environment as adults. Therefore, we constantly strive to implement innovative and intelligent measures to promote environmental protection and sustainability. We are dedicated to developing and consistently implementing new approaches.

mk | hotels

Out of consideration for the environment, we refrain from automatically cleaning our guests' rooms during their stay. Instead, we offer cleaning upon request.

Environmental Protection Matters to Us: Room Cleaning Upon Request for a Sustainable Stay

We make every effort to reduce waste and find sustainable solutions. When purchasing food and beverages, we minimize the use of disposable packaging as much as possible. In our rooms, we have already switched to 100% environmentally friendly alternatives for hygiene products. Our hotels are partners with Recup and Rebowl, and we also prioritize resource conservation in guest communication. From booking to billing, everything is done digitally and paperlessly, saving thousands of pages of paper each year. To continuously improve, we regularly track information on waste volume in our properties. This allows us to shop more consciously and strategically to further reduce our waste.

Sustainability in Waste Management

We are aware that environmental protection can only be successful through collective action, so we actively involve our team and guests in our sustainability efforts. Our staff undergo regular training to promote resource-efficient and environmentally friendly behavior. Furthermore, we inform our guests about how they can support us in achieving our environmental goals. As an open-minded hotel, we gladly welcome ideas and suggestions from our guests regarding sustainability. For this purpose, we have set up a dedicated email address,, where guests can easily leave their ideas. We are always on the lookout for new projects and appreciate every suggestion.

"Together for the Environment: Teamwork and Idea Exchange at mk | hotels"

Our primary goal is to minimize our CO₂ footprint. Therefore, we rely on intelligent heating and climate control systems.

Reducing CO₂ Emissions: Sustainable Heating and Cooling for Eco-Conscious Comfort

From charging electric cars to air conditioning/heating the rooms, the use of renewable energy sources is a given at mk | hotels. In addition, mk | hotels generate green energy with their own photovoltaic systems with a capacity of 662 kWp.

Sustainable Power from Our Own Photovoltaic Systems for an Environmentally Friendly Stay

Every meal we have involves far-reaching decisions. Our eating habits are closely connected to politics, economics, society, culture, knowledge, agriculture, health, and the environment. That's why we value local and regional partners and purchase food that is good, clean, and fair.

Promoting Regional Structures

In our hotels, we place great importance on equipping and cleaning the breakfast buffet, rooms, and meeting spaces with environmentally friendly products. We offer refillable soap dispensers for your skincare and haircare needs. If you require cotton swabs, makeup pads, or anything else, simply ask our colleagues at the front desk – you can get almost everything, and it's complimentary.
Even with our office supplies, we prioritize products with environmental labels and use recycled paper and pens made from sustainable materials. We also use environmentally friendly cleaning agents for cleaning.

"Sustainability All Around: Green for Breakfast, Rooms & Meeting Spaces"

In our hotels, we place great emphasis on energy-efficient LED lighting. Additionally, we have installed flow regulators on all bathroom fixtures to reduce water flow, thus saving both energy and water. In our rooms, we consciously avoid minibars and telephones as these devices have a significant energy consumption. By the way, we believe that a refreshing drink in our house breweries or at the Maxi Bars tastes much better than in the room, don't you agree? Through these targeted measures, we have successfully minimized our energy and water consumption. Furthermore, modern technologies assist us in collecting data on energy and water consumption, allowing us to optimize our sustainability efforts further.

No Drop Wasted

mk | hotels


Experience our environmental concept live and in color and spend an unforgettable time in our houses. Enjoy complete comfort while reducing your carbon footprint. Ecologically responsible and always modern - book your time out now with mk | hotels!

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