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Schlosspark Hotel Mariakirchen Logo
Schlosspark Hotel Mariakirchen Logo
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mk hotels logo white



The satisfaction of our guests is closely connected to the satisfaction of our employees. We firmly believe that happy employees are the foundation for happy guests. In our company, our employees are not just part of a team; they are part of an extended family that we are proud of. Our corporate philosophy is based on trust and values such as fairness, mindfulness, and responsibility. It is our responsibility as leaders to create the right conditions in which people can thrive and grow personally.
Our employees are the foundation upon which we build. This drive is the deeper meaning of our work: we want to create a place where people can live their passion to bring happy moments to others that also make us happy. The phrase "Our passion drives us" summarizes our attitude and forms the essence of our philosophy and the basis of our vision.

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Johanna Linder- Sonderfeld & Arno Sonderfeld

Creating Positive Memories for Guests

1. We are a familiar and professional host for both private and business travelers, creating positive experiences and memories.

Investing in Our Team's Success

2. We provide our team with a professional home where everyone can unleash their potential. Through training and development, as well as early delegation of responsibility, we promote and challenge our colleagues and cultivate leaders from within our ranks.

Your Experience, Our Priority

3. We guarantee the satisfaction of our guests by adhering to our quality standards, offering good value for money, and providing heartfelt service.

Sustainability in Hospitality: Our Promise

4. We respect our surroundings and the environment. From planning and construction to the operation of our hotels and restaurants, we work in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, conserving resources.

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With the mk | hotel, we have expanded our range of holiday apartments in one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Europe. Here, too, we remain true to our concept: optimal location at attractive conditions.

Depending on the location, we have decided on a classification with two, three or four stars. Give us feedback after your stay so that we can continue to develop with you and keep getting better.

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